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Industry-leading Lubricants in Yarmouth

Lubrication does more than make surfaces slick and slippery. It improves the lifespan, efficiency, and reliability of equipment, reducing exposure to potentially costly breakdowns and failures. Keep your machinery and equipment in great condition with quality lubricants from Gateway Fuels Ltd in Yarmouth. We stock a range of lubricants from some of the reputed brands in the industry, such as:


Our lubricants are ideal for commercial, residential, and industrial use. We offer prompt job site deliveries. Call or email us for more information and assistance with lubricant selection.

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Types of Automotive Lubricants

There are four types of automotive lubricants, including:

Engine oil and gear oil: Engine oil, either conventional or synthetic, is used for engine parts lubrication. Gear oil, with higher viscosity, protects bearings and gearboxes.

Grease: Thicker and stickier, grease suits gears, bearings, and chains. Synthetic grease offers high-performance lubrication and can withstand extreme conditions.

Penetrating lubricant: Low-viscosity and fluid, it's ideal for fast-moving engine parts and loosening bolts, nuts, and rusted components.

Dry lubricant: Composed of liquid and fine dry lubricant particles, it leaves a mess-free, dry layer. Great for locks, hinges, threaded rods, and parts prone to dust and oxidation.

We encourage you to get in contact with us if you need help choosing the best lubricant for your vehicle needs in Yarmouth and surrounding areas.

Advantages of Automatic Lubrication

Automatic lubrication systems offer significant advantages for businesses looking to improve productivity and uptime, reduce costs, and enhance safety:

Extended equipment life: Automatic lubrication systems apply the right amount of lubricant at the right time, reducing wear and extending the life of machinery by preventing metal-to-metal contact.

Reduced lubricant consumption: These systems provide precise, frequent lubrication, minimizing lubricant consumption and lowering oil or grease costs and environmental impact.

Lower maintenance costs: By significantly reducing wear and tear, automatic lubrication systems reduce the need for spare parts and eliminate the labour-intensive manual lubrication, leading to significant maintenance cost savings.

Minimized machine downtime: Unlike manual lubrication, automatic systems do not require shutdowns for lubricant application, preventing the need for lock-out/tag-out procedures and allowing machines to operate continuously.

Enhanced safety: Automatic lubrication eliminates the need for technicians to manually lubricate hard-to-reach machine parts, reducing safety risks associated with climbing machinery and working with moving parts. It also minimizes human contact with lubricants and reduces the risk of oil spills.

Environmental benefits: Automatic systems measure and apply precise amounts of lubricant, reducing waste, contamination, and housekeeping issues. Improved lubrication also reduces friction and energy consumption, benefiting the environment.

Versatile application: Automatic lubrication systems come in various types, making them suitable for virtually any application. Whether single-line, series progressive, dual-line, or multi-line, these systems can be adapted to meet specific needs, making them versatile for various industries and equipment.

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