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Home Heating Oil in Yarmouth and Surrounding Areas

Gateway Fuels Ltd is the go-to choice for quality-grade home heating oil in Yarmouth and the surrounding areas. Rely on us for furnace oil and kerosene at competitive prices for residential usage. We take pride in our prompt and reliable service and understand our success depends on client satisfaction.

About Home Heating Oil and Its Functions

Home heating oil, also known as furnace oil, is a derivative of crude oil obtained through the distillation of petroleum. Primarily utilized in heating applications, it's commonly used in central heating systems found in residential spaces.

This fuel was initially called "home heating oil" due to its early applications in lanterns and stoves, but it was initially limited to domestic use. However, it evolved to accommodate industrial needs, classifying it into gas oil (or red diesel) for commercial and agricultural heating and kerosene, a milder form commonly used for residential heating.

Understanding how heating oil functions in heating systems is vital. In furnaces, heating oil is heated within the chamber, and warming air is distributed evenly throughout the house via ductwork. Conversely, boilers use heating oil to heat water, generating steam that flows through pipes into radiators, ultimately warming rooms.


How to Best Use Home Heating Oil?

Maximizing the efficiency of heating oil usage relies on several factors, such as the number of occupied rooms, outdoor temperatures, thermostat settings, and managing doors and drafts. Prioritizing occupied spaces, adjusting thermostat settings in sync with outdoor conditions, and minimizing heat loss by sealing drafts can notably conserve heating oil and energy. Regular boiler maintenance ensures optimal performance and fuel consumption.

By considering these factors and adopting energy-conscious practices, you can effectively utilize heating oil to economize expenses and reduce energy consumption.

Automatic Delivery of Heating Oil

Do you need more furnace oil at your home? To help you keep warm and comfortable in winter, Gateway Fuels Ltd's team offers automatic heating oil delivery. Rely on our experienced team to effectively monitor your furnace oil consumption and get your tank refilled when required. We aim to deliver quality service and exceed your expectations every time.

Payment Options

You will be pleased to learn that we accept multiple payment options for your convenience.


E-billing: Opt for the e-billing option and receive a one-time credit of $10.00 to your account.
Online payments: We offer safe, easy, and convenient online payment options. For easy and fast transactions, log onto your bank’s website, add Gateway Fuels Ltd as a payee, and enter your account number.
Pre-authorized payments: Besides online payments, we accept pre-authorized payments through credit cards. We can automatically charge your account to any Visa, MasterCard or Amex credit card.
Call or email: Call or email us with your credit card and account number, and we will process your payment.


Interest-free Budget Plan

Our budget plan is designed to be easy on your pockets. It allows you to spread your annual heating consumption cost over 10 payment transactions. Pre-authorized credit card payments are necessary for the interest-free budget plan.


* To keep your budget plan interest-free, you pay the suggested monthly amount and settle any balance owing in the 11th month.

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Home Heating Oil

Get in touch with us for any kerosene or furnace oil requirements for your home.

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