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Contact Gateway Fuels Ltd for Diesel Oil and More in Yarmouth and Surrounding Areas

Gateway Fuels Ltd has been a proud distributor of quality petroleum and oil products in Yarmouth since 1976. Look no further, whether you need furnace or diesel oil for your home or regular gasoline and lubricants for your automobiles. We stock products from some of the renowned brands in the industry and can accommodate small orders and bulk deliveries.


We serve both commercial and residential clients in Yarmouth, Southwest Nova Scotia, Pubnico to Weymouth, and surrounding areas.

The Importance of Diesel Fuel in Everyday Life

Diesel fuel is a primary global energy source, serving diverse functions across households and businesses. This potent fuel powers vehicles and essential equipment, streamlining daily operations. Its pivotal role extends to global economies. Diesel engines underpin numerous household and industrial devices, underscoring their significance. Key applications encompass:

Residences: Diesel home generators ensure uninterrupted power during outages, preserving normalcy. They sustain lighting, climate control, refrigeration, and security systems, preventing food spoilage and enhancing safety.

Businesses: Industries depend heavily on diesel generators to avert operational interruptions and financial losses during power grid failures. These backup sources sustain productivity, security, and competitiveness.

Transport: Diesel engines propel many vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, trains, airplanes, and ships. Their efficiency contributes to transportation's backbone.

Healthcare: Diesel-powered generators are lifelines for hospitals, safeguarding critical equipment and patient care during power disruptions. Diesel-fueled ambulances ensure swift response in emergencies.

Resource sectors: Mining, agriculture, and construction heavily rely on diesel-fueled machinery for excavation, extraction, and equipment operation. Diesel's potency fuels vital processes in these sectors. Diesel's ubiquity underscores its essential role, yielding significant advantages.

However, its traditional formulations emit pollutants and carbon dioxide, posing environmental concerns. Modern advancements in diesel fuel and engines have addressed these issues. Selecting reputable sources for high-quality diesel remains crucial.

In summary, diesel fuel's multifaceted importance permeates daily life. Its efficiency and versatility across applications solidify its position as a cornerstone of contemporary energy usage, while ongoing innovations strive to minimize its environmental impact.


Types of Diesel Oils

Diesel oils come in diverse forms, each with distinct properties and applications:

Petroleum diesel: Petroleum diesel fuels trucks, trains, buses, and various vehicles, including some passenger cars. Obtained through crude oil distillation at 200 – 350°C and atmospheric pressure, it contains carbon chains with 8 – 20 carbon atoms per molecule.

Synthetic diesel: To address carbon concerns, synthetic diesel emerges as an alternative. Crafted from carbonaceous materials like biomass, biogas, or coal, it undergoes the Fischer-Tropsch process, converting carbon monoxide and hydrogen into hydrocarbons. Praised for low sulphur content and reduced emissions, it presents a sustainable choice.

Biodiesel: Derived from vegetable oils, animal fats, or used restaurant grease, biodiesel is renewable and offers an eco-friendly option. Mainly featuring soybean, canola, or corn oil, it can be blended with petroleum diesel based on temperature. Yet, concerns about equipment corrosion and blockages persist.

Hydrogenated oils and fats: Like synthetic diesel, this type transforms triglycerides from oils and fats into refined alkanes, ensuring engine compatibility.

Dimethyl ether (DME): Promising as a renewable fuel, DME burns cleanly with high cetane value and minimal emissions. Its cost-effectiveness, low soot, and reduced NOx emissions align well with carbon reduction goals.

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